Angiogram results

Normal angiogram or mild narrowings (blockages)

In some cases, the angiogram can be normal without any narrowing.  In other cases, the angiogram may show mild narrowing, with less than 50% narrowing of the artery diameter.  This is good news. Your doctor will discuss the results with you and you will need to follow up with your referring physician

Blockages in small arteries

It is possible to have narrowing in small arteries or branches supplying only small areas of the heart.  These are usually left alone if the diameter of the artery is less than 2 mm. Generally, it is not advisable to place stents in very small arteries. Treatment with common cardiac medications is typically recommended in these cases.


Severe blockage in one or two major arteries

In cases where one or two arteries have severe narrowings, your doctor may recommend an angioplasty procedure. This procedure is usually done at the same time as the angiogram,  allowing the doctor to open up the any narrowing with a special device called a balloon or stent.



Severe blockages in multiple arteries

In some cases, we see multiple arteries with serious blockages. This is more common in patients with diabetes. Cases with multiple blockages are often treated with bypass surgery (explained in the following pages).  The angiogram is stopped at this time to allow time for discussion with you, your family, your referring doctor and a cardiac surgeon.




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